Lia Lubiana Bali Aventurine Bracelet

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Our Aventurine Bali single features a sterling silver bead that is individually hand-crafted by Balinese silver-smiths and imported directly from beautiful Bali. Every bead is special and has its own story, made with love, soul and patience.

Aventurine: Luck, Leadership, Prosperity

Peach Aventurine has all the healing properties associated with Aventurine as well as a few extras. It is a stone often recommended to help with anxiety, worry, stress and shyness. It is said to have a positive effect on thoughts and strengthening one's sense of self. Peach aventurine is mined in Chile, Spain and Russia.

Product Details:

  • Hand-Crafted
  • AAA Aventurine
  • 10mm Gem Diameter
  • Thai Silver
  • 10mm Handcrafted Bali Bead
  • Made in Canada
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