Glerups was founded in 1993 in Denmark by a little only Nanny.  When Nanny felted a pair of boots for the first time, the wool came from her own Gotland sheep. The felted boots were well received among friends and family that Nanny started a small hobby production. This paved the way for the company Glerups.

In the beginning Nanny could only felt two pairs of boots a day. Since then, Nanny and her husband Ove have worked hard in order to develop and improve the product and production technology. Several machines have been invented and discarded, making Glerups capable to keep up with demand from addicted customers worldwide.

They use  natural raw materials, 100% new wool for the socks and soft calf skin or natural rubber for the soles. They have minimized the use of material and contrived details to create the unique and simple design of Glerups. The result is a slipper of high quality, which gives the users a feeling of warmth and comfort.